About Us

Our mission is to democratise the power of the genome,
enabling cutting-edge healthcare regardless of income class

Our History

Founded in 2022, Novena has evolved into providing cornerstone genomic sequencing solutions built around a foundational bioinformatic platform to accelerate data processing and widespread access.

Working alongside a number of partners who design library kits, Novena is focused on transforming patient care in prenatal, neonatal, infectious disease, rare disease and oncology health. We believe that by providing a wide range of effective, flexible testing options in conjunction with best-in-class service and support, we can redefine the way medicine is managed for patients and clinicians alike.

Our Values


By integrating bioinformatic technology alongside molecular biology we pursue excellence in clinical screenings, data analysis and diagnostics.

Customer Service & Commitment

Our dedicated team of customer support staff is available to answer questions quickly and accurately, so physicians can spend more time with what’s really important: their patients.

Quality & Efficiency

By building our screening solutions based on peer-reviewed publications, global standard technology, and accredited laboratories, we aim to provide quality and efficiency to our customers.

Our People

We support our employees by providing them with resources for personal and professional growth while fostering an inclusive culture where differences are celebrated.

Our Partners

Novena is the first genomic oriented firm bringing the best organizations across Indonesia and Southeast Asia to commercialize cutting edge genomic technology.

By combining our partner’s research with bioinformatic technology, we continue to support our mission of democratizing the power of the genome.


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